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Avant Garde 2 Silver

Avant Garde 2 Silver

  • Metal
  • Ball bearing
  • butterfly shape
  • weighted rim design
  • 66 grams
  • C size bearing
The Avant Garde 2 is a crazy new design from the Yoyo Factory. The inner slope of the yoyo has a sudden in cut, allowing the yoyo to a bunch of room for the string to play smoothly. It fits well in the hand, and is fantastic for grinding on your arm and on your thumb because of the inner ledge on the side. I have seen the kids at class sticking glow sticks in the side groove (kinda cool).

From Julius
"Ok, I Thought the Avant Garde  1 was alright, a little grabby, but I like this one much much more. It's smooth, and super neat with the crazy white rims on the side (it makes me think of white wall tires). I will say that the kids at class say it doesn't hit their hands as hard as other metal yoyos, probably because it does have a larger surface making contact with your hand when catching. Looks great plays great, they'll be sold out soon."

Price: $124.99
This item is currently out of stock.

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