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Yoyo Factory G5 Purple

Yoyo Factory G5 Purple

  • Purple
  • Aluminum
  • Butterfly shape
  • Bearing
  • Weighted rim design
  • Spinning Bearing side-caps

The yoyo factory G5 is another diverse product when it comes to having fun with yoyos. As a slack string yoyo spins straight with smooth play on the string. It's shape makes it ideal for grinding tricks over your fingers as well as thumb grinds, But is the spinning bearing side-caps that make this yoyo unique and fun compared to other yoyos. The caps allow players the ability to grab the side of the yoyo and still keep the yoyo spinning. Now your yoyo can be played with just like a gyroscope.  This opens up a whole new world of yoyo tricks and play.

From Julius
"This is really cool, I find this to be one more yoyo that I won't go anywhere without. Being able able to spin your yoyo sideways is something that my audience never expects, always a crowd pleas-er. I have tried to make modifications to my own yoyos like this, but the results are always less than perfect. It's always good to have someone else who makes a yoyo that I can count on to work great, so that I can concentrate on doing shows and having fun."

Price: $89.99
This item is currently out of stock.

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