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Fast 201 black

Fast 201 black

  • Blue
  • Ball-Bearing
  • Butterfly shape
  • Adjustable string gap
  • starburst technology

The fast 201 from yoyofactory is long spinning, butterfly shaped yoyo, that is easy to use and easy to maintain. It's poly-carb body make it ideal for surviving the day to day abuse of great overall yoyo for lots of age groups. The use of starbursts means no break pads and no lube, and the yoyo will still come up to your hand.

From Julius
"This is a fantastically super duper yoyo. If you don't own it, you really should. When Hans and I were at playmaxx, we had an endless supply of break pads for our yoyos. We always felt bad for kids who had to buy them by the truck load to make their yoyos work right. Yo Hans in all his mechanical glory, figured out how to make a bearing yoyo that not only played great, but all you ever had to do to take care of it was change the string. It will take you from beginning to advanced yoyo play, and it's  as tough as good yoyos come. The world owes yohans great deal of thanks for this brilliant yoyo."

Price: $11.99