About 10 years ago I picked up my first yo-yo and I'm pretty good. A few people wanted me to try a competition though I never did (just to give you an idea) Now I have a pretty good collection of yo-yo's and some children. So my first questions are these. Is there a good beginner yo-yo? When I look at the basic tricks on duncan.com it looks like they are using a mosquito or dragonfly. Second, I know how to loop the string so it auto-retracts, but the string would be too long for my short 6 yr old (who is very interested). Any advice on how to shorten the string?

And third is finger protection. I used to use these things called "toe bandages". You put them over your toe so they the corn on your toe didn't rub against your other toe. I used to cut them, turn them inside out, and wear the string around them so my finger didn't get squeezed. However, I can't find these toe-bandages anymore. Does anyone have any advice on finger protection?