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  • Metal
  • Ball bearing
  • butterfly shape
  • weighted rim design
  • 65 grams
  • C size bearing
  The EDGE is another Bi-metal yoyo design from the YoYoFactory. It is the yoyo of choice for Evan Nagao, amazing yoyo player, who has actually been a part of the yoyo business for a long time. It is consistently sought after by the payers at our yoyo class.

from Julius " This yoyo has a very pleasing larger surface area to the edge of the yoyo. This translates to it hurting your hand less when catching during hours of yoyo practice."

Price: $99.00
This item is currently out of stock.

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    DV888 red
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    yoyo factory DV88 metal ballbaring yoyo
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    DV888 Black
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    yoyo factory DV88 metal ballbaring yoyo
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    Protostar Red
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    Metal bearing yoyo