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Protostar Green

Protostar Green

  • Plastic
  • Large center trac bearing
  • Butterfly shape
  • weighted rim design
  • green
Yoyo Factory has created the John Ando Protostar for people who just want to be John Ando. It is a perfectly weighted plastic yoyo with particularly wide gap. The wide gap makes it easier to fly yoyo tricks. The Center trac bearing keeps it smooth and spinning longer. It is both durable and fun.

From Julius
"Ok, At first this yoyo seemed really light to me, but I was wrong, plain and simple. I always liked how wide some of the yoyo like the "superstar" or the "grind machine" were, but never used them in my show, because I couldn't go as fast because of the extra weight, always winding up back at my 888. This yoyo has that gap, but totally makes up for it by being plastic instead of metal. Light, fast and total fun, I have one of each color....oh and they make less noise for 3 A or Freehand play."

Price: $34.99

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