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Yoyo Factory Boss

Yoyo Factory Boss

  • Blue with silver splatter
  • Aluminum
  • Large Ball Bearing
  • Butterfly Shape
  • Weighted Rim Design
  • Spinning Bearing Side Caps
This is another one of YoYo Factory's winning yoyos. It feels very much like an 888, but no hubstacks. This makes the yoyo better for thumb grinds, and at a better price.

From Julius
"At first I wasn't sold on this yoyo, mostly because I was so attached to my 888, but I has more than just grown on me. This is yoyo is so great for thumb grinding that it's inspired me to add a lot more of them into my freestyle. It also has a really durable feeling in my hand while not feeling like it will take my hand off when I catch it. I think it should be in every ones yoyo bag."

Price: $79.99
This item is currently out of stock.

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