So I've had my G5+ for a while now, I really love the yoyo.  Only problem is, I really have never had any experience with friction stickers before, so when time came to change them, I had no idea which stickers to get.  I really liked the unresponsiveness it came with stock, so I asked someone from another yoyo site what stickers G5+'s came with stock, and then I bought that kind and size (if I remember correctly, it was Large Vapor Pads).  Only problem is, when I got them, they looked like this in the yoyo: (sorry the pics are a little blurry)

I tried and tried to squeeze the sticker into the gap, but it either 1.) keeps popping out again, or 2.) slides out of the gap where the sticker is supposed to be.

So my question is, am I doing anything wrong?  Or did I get the wrong stickers? Or... does it just take a while to "break them in" so they fit correctly? 

any help is much appreciated, thank you!!